Finding Business

Finding Business

The best sales leads often come from your customer. Having customers give you a list of prospective customers that they know for you is direct-marketing at its best. To make this request you have to carefully consider what you are asking the customer for. To get a loyal customer to help you is not that difficult.

Finding business is a quest for new accounts and more clients. The place that you can get a list of prospective clients organized by name, address, and phone number, is from people who know you. The cost is nothing more than subtle shifts in prospective. You never leave a place without knowing the needs of the clients. If the client is another business owner the best way to market this is to address their needs. By learning what their business needs is, you can understand where your product or service will help them.

By making selling a personal experience for you and the customer, it is easy to immediately look for more connections. By increasingly relying on your customer to be personally involved, you strengthen the business connection. The consumer who personalized his relationship with either a shop owner or business will be a more loyal customer. You have to understand for small businesses, warm leads are the most effective. Your customer can be your sales leads generator.

By finding out that they either do business with, or know who has an interest in what your business offers, you are optimizing your sale. This is a popular way to get business traffic sent your way. Not everyone will roll over and help you with leads. The thing to remember is that your customers and potential customers are the best sales lead generator. With that in mind you can go anywhere and be assured that this is an effective marketing tool.

How do you ask for sales leads? Thoughtfully and with regard for whom you are approaching for this information. If it is another business owner it may be a different approach than asking an individual. The way for you not to make a customer or business owner uncomfortable is to phase it in a way to make them realize that the recommended referral is a way for you to maintain the integrity of your business. You prefer referrals because you trust your customer and want to maintain a business that deals with responsible businesses and individuals.

If the customer thinks highly of your product or service than they usually are happy to oblige. Remember the customer is working in conjunction with you to ensure that his friends or business associates are getting a good product or service. If you give your customers good service they usually will gladly work at being your best sales lead generator. This is finding business the right way.

Traffic Generator: Secret Code To Targeted Traffic

Traffic Generator: Secret Code To Targeted Traffic

Getting Traffic Easily

For so many years now businesspeople are trying to decipher the easier technique on getting a targeted traffic without having to spend more money or not spend at all and the most effective way is to use traffic generator tools. Yes with close to 80% of sales taking place after the first contact it is imperative that every website have a newsletter when possible.

Compelling Websites

You could have a great website design compelling copy the lowest prices and fantastic specials but all your efforts will be useless unless your website is drawing traffic that is interested in what you are providing or promoting. Search engines are a major source of traffic and yet effective search engine optimization does not need to cost you a penny. Keep a constant flow of free content that your visitors will find useful on your website and add new content and information often. Invite your visitors back to your site to see the new material you’re constantly adding.

Traffic Exchange Systems

Free Traffic Exchange Systems have become one of the most popular ways on the internet to generate and receive free traffic. Finally what about the sites that are getting new traffic from their number one ranking but dont seems to be making any sales? The largest reason for this is that those sites are not visitor friendly. It is becoming easier and easier to get lost in the Traffic Generator technology and sizzle of the Internet to assume that gadgets and software can solve all marketing problems. However do not worry as most Traffic Generator tools are built with a novice in mind.

Surviving Online

How can any business survive on the Internet if it is not optimized for the search engines and thus can never be found? How can they exist if over 83% of first time visitors never find their web site? How much more money could a web site operator earn if they ensured their web site was even partially visible? If you have an informative web site the search engines want to send you lots of customers. As ludicrous as this may sound being a hub for industry-related websites and information is another great idea. Make money selling advertising space in your course. You could charge for small classified ads or sponsor ads.

Solar Power- How Does It Save The Environment

Solar Power- How Does It Save The Environment

You’ve probably heard a lot about solar energy and how efficient it is. Moreover, over the last few years, there have been several moves to see how effectively we can use solar power in an attempt to alleviate the energy crisis that the world faces. So, how does using solar energy fit into the bigger picture of protecting our environment? The point is that even small changes in the way we do things go a long way in terms of saving our environment.

Solar energy is a renewable energy source
The sun offers us a great source of renewable energy; it’s been around for over four billion years and is likely to stay around for another five billion years, during its life it will supply us with a steady stream of energy. So, apart from the obvious fact of solar energy is in abundance, people who are environmentally conscious find that using solar energy is an excellent way to help protect the environment.
But what makes solar energy an attractive option is the fact that unlike polluting fossil fuels, its availability is not governed by the oil industry, an industry that is riddled with capitalistic individuals, and influenced heavily by several geographic and political factors that invariably affect the supply.
Solar Energy on the other hand is a clean environmentally friendly energy resource and a very viable alternative to existing fossil fuels that pollute our lands, water and air, threaten our health, and contribute substantially to global warming.

Solar energy transformed into thermal (or heat) energy can be used to:
* Cook food – Using Solar Cookers
* Heat water – in Houses, Office Buildings, or Swimming Pools.
* Heat closed spaces – a Greenhouse, a House or even other Buildings.

Solar energy can also be converted to electricity by using:
* Photovoltaic devices or “solar cells” that transforms sunlight into electricity. These systems are often used in areas with no regular electricity supply. Some common devices that are sometimes powered by these solar cells include, street lights, road signs and some gadgets like watches and even calculators.
* Solar Power Plants are electricity generating plants that use thermal energy obtained from the suns radiation to super heat liquids that in turn become steam and rotate the turbines of a generator to generate electricity.

How can solar power rescue the environment?
For starters, switching over to solar power would help cut back our dependence on organic fuels. This in itself is a huge saving, reduced hydrocarbons and emissions in the air, mean fresh cleaner air. Some ripple down effects would be, controlling the global warming, less acid rain, no smog the list can go on and on, however, let me elaborate some of the better know environmental benefits.
Decrease air pollution

The most commonly obvious benefit is the fact that by using solar energy we are able to reduce the levels of pollution. As we reduce the amount of fossil fuels being burnt and switch over instead to solar power from our needs there is a corresponding decrease in the amount of pollution produced. Solar electrification in some rural areas also decreases the dependence of the electricity grid and generators that run on petrol or diesel.

Offsets greenhouse gases
Solar Cell (PV systems) generates electricity with absolutely no carbon dioxide (CO2) emission. This in turn plays a significant step in reducing the overall greenhouse effect that we face. Apparently studies show that approximately six tons of carbon emissions are offset through the use of a single Solar cell over a period of twenty five years.
Conserve energy

The world over, and especially the third world countries have begun to embrace the conservation and use of solar electricity through several conservations programs to help conserve power for urban areas, city lighting as well as commercial and industrial needs. While solar plants and other forms of decentralised solar generated energy is used to serve the basic power consumption needs in the majority of the developing areas.

Reduces discarding dry cell batteries
People in several countries around the world rely heavily on the use of small dry-cell batteries for various gadgets, like flashlights and radio’s. These batteries are primarily composed of lead acid and sometimes other materials that can be toxic to us. When the battery is improperly disposed off, they start leaking; toxic chemical contents seep into the surroundings and contaminate the soil, water or air around it. By switching over to the use of solar energy the dependence on dry cells batteries reduces drastically and consequently all issues associated with its disposal.

Low cost energy alternative
Using solar energy at home substantially reduces the need for dependence on electricity or gas. Solar panels placed on your roof top collect the solar energy and store them away in batteries for later use. This power can be used to power up lights around the house in the evenings or when it is dark. Solar thermal converts can be used to heat water that or even your home again offering substantial savings on those fronts. Solar cooking ovens could be used during the day for baking and cooking meals.

The use of “Solar Energy”, a fresh, clean, free and abundant source of renewable energy will over the course of time reduce our dependence on other sources of energy that aren’t as helpful to our environment. If you want to make a difference to the world you live in, this is a wonderful place to start.

Cybersquatting and Your Domain Name

Cybersquatting and Your Domain Name

When it comes to domain names, don’t think that you only need to worry about the ones that you registered. This is because with the phenomenon of cybersquatting, domain names that are similar to your company’s trademark could be registered to unscrupulous webmasters, intending to use them in bad faith. What happens is once the cybersquatter has gotten sales or Adsense clicks from their domain name, they will try to sell it to the original entity holding the trademark. When things get to this point, the price is significantly higher, sometimes even thousands of dollars. This is despite the fact that the individual or organization buying the domain name originally had the rights to it in the first place.

So, how does a company protect themselves from cybersquatting? Well, first they need to be aware of whether or not domain names related to their trademark are being registered and used in bad faith. The best way to do this is to sign up for Google Alerts. This is a service that allows individuals or organizations to track any websites, comments, articles, etc. that are being made about their website or brand.

If they receive an alert that shows a domain name that is similar to their trademark, they could be dealing with a potential cybersquatter. The keyword of course is ‘potential.’ The person may not have any intention on selling the domain name back, though they are still using it in an illegal manner.

Either way, website owners can exercise their right to an arbitration proceeding if they found their trademark has been used in bad faith. The type of arbitration proceeding that is the most common for domain name disputes is called Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy. This process can allow disputes to be settled out of court through an ICANN-approved UDRP provider. The decisions made through the UDRP panel are legally binding, though they can be challenged in a traditional courtroom if either party thinks things are unfair.

Another way companies can avoid cybersquatting is by trying as best they can to register any domain names relating to their trademark. This would include obvious derivatives where their whole trademark is included, as well as more creative derivatives where only a part of the trademark is used. If a company finds they are having difficulties coming up with different domain name combinations on their own, they can use a domain name generator. They should use both automated domain name generators as well as those in which a human comes up with the different combinations. In either case they need to think of combinations for all types of extensions, even free ones such as .tk or

In conclusion, no one should have to succumb to a cybersquatter. Too much money and work goes into building a brand to have to spend thousands to a shady webmaster. Instead, website owners should be aware of how their trademark is being used. If there is a problem they can consider a UDRP proceeding. In the meantime they need to try to get as many domain names containing their trademark as possible, so cybersquatters won’t have an opportunity to do their dirty work.

Family Health – Investing In An Ionic Air Purifier

Family Health – Investing In An Ionic Air Purifier

According to the American College of Allergists, polluted indoor air causes or contributes toward ½ of all illnesses. For families with two or more children who all have the potential of contracting a variety of illnesses throughout the year, do the math and you’ll see how expensive it can be to be exposed to the ever-present contaminants that make themselves at home in your air.

Mold, dust, pollen and other irritants can exist in stagnant air and actually increase in intensity when they’re brought in on hair, clothing and other objects that are introduced from the outdoors each day. Even tiny flakes of dried skin can become airborne, unseen to the naked eye, and cause respiratory problems for those who reside in the home. Since the ability to prevent these agents from entering the environment is not within your power, then steps must be taken to remove them before illness develops as a result of their presence in the air that you breathe.

Effects of Indoor Contaminants

In order to eliminate allergens and other contaminants from your home, you’ll need to make a solid plan for purifying the air – in other words, you’ll need to install an effective filtration system. The best way to accomplish this is by utilizing an Ionic Air Purifier. By integrating one of these systems into your home, you’ll be eliminating those agents which adversely impact your health and cause you to suffer from a variety of symptoms, some of which may include:

+ Eye irritations
+ Nose and Throat irritations
+ Headaches
+ Sinus Infections
+ Sneezing
+ Coughing
+ Allergies
+ Asthma
+ Colds, Flu and Viruses
+ Ear infections
+ Respiratory Infections
+ Skin Irritations
+ Nausea

You may naturally assume that these pollutants can be eliminated through the course of regular housecleaning, or even more strenuous cleaning regimens, such as spring or fall cleaning sprees. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. No matter how much you apply yourself to housecleaning, these contaminants will remain in the air. In fact, dusting and other forms of cleaning may cause allergens that have come to rest on furniture and carpeting to become airborne, causing adverse reactions to your health.

Various Types and Models of Ionic Air Purifier

While the standard model of Ionic Air Purifier utilizes negative ion generators to charge airborne particles so that they become attracted to the surfaces of furniture and other inanimate objects throughout your home, those which utilize electrostatic precipitators will actually trap the contaminants between metal plates that are housed within the unit, effectively cleaning the air and keeping it free of these irritating agents.

In addition to cleaning the air, these purifiers are often silent and energy efficient, and don’t release any chemicals into the air. Another perk is that these systems are filterless, making them ideal for purifying a room or the entire interior of your home. Simply clean the metal plates regularly, and you’re all set – without the ongoing cost of filters.

Of course, many pollutants also cause foul odors to be present in the air, such as in the case of cigarette smoke, the musty smell of mold, or simply the stale smell that’s a by-product of stagnant air. Purifiers such as these also work to remove such odors, making the air pleasant to smell, as well as to breathe.

While the prices of Ionic Air Purifiers may seem a bit exorbitant in some cases, they can actually be purchased for under $100, depending upon the size of the unit and the competition among various dealers. When you consider the cost of medical bills due to the variety of illnesses that can crop up as the result of contaminated air, these units will pay for themselves in very short order. When viewed from that perspective, it’s far more costly not to own a purifier than it is to invest in one.

The Little Web Hosting Service That Shouldn’t

The Little Web Hosting Service That Shouldn’t

Is bigger better?

Everyone has their own opinion on that, including web hosting companies. They say it is. That’s why when you look at their hosting packages, the feature list goes on and on and on. You’d think they cover their customers in gold with how much they apparently give away. Mail accounts, shopping carts, disk space, diesel generators – the works! But wait, along with that huge list of items you get, comes that huge price. Maybe you think you need all that stuff, though, so the price is justified. I mean why else would they include all this stuff if you didn’t actually need it, right? You might not like the answer. The unfortunate but TRUE answer is that they believe the more features you see, the more likely you are to PURCHASE.

How do you fight back? By actually evaluating what it is they offer and figuring out if you’ll actually NEED it. Why pay for something you won’t use? If you’re going to do that then, please – I need a new pair of shoes!

What you DON’T need.
Ok, let’s look at some of the commonly useless items found on these lists.

Bandwidth. Basically that means “action” or “traffic”. How much “action” do you think your site is going to get per month? Here’s a great tip: if this is your first time, start out expecting less traffic. Most companies can give you that upgrade if you need it with a click of the button. Most people, though, are paying for bandwidth they NEVER use.

SSL. It stands for “Secure Sockets Layer” and it means you have a secure server. It’s a great thing to have IF you plan to accept credit card payments. You may also see shopping cart software, also useful if you have an Internet business. However, there are well over a billion Internet pages and the vast majority of them are not there to accept payments. Most of the Internet is simply about free information – giving it out and searching for it. Again, don’t pay for something you simply don’t need.

Search Engine Submissions. Sounds great, except most of the search engines are free to be a part of anyway. And if you are really looking to be ranked in the top 10 or 20, you’re going to need to hire a professional. Don’t think that because it says “free search engine submissions” that it will help your site rank higher. That’s a business of its own.

Scripts. A script is a type of computer language like ASP, JSP, PHP, etc… If you could just pick the ones that you plan to use, that would be nice. But -whether you use 1, 2, or 4 – you’re going to pay for all 12 every month. It is more wasted money that most people just don’t pay attention to.

Catch-all Email accounts. Here’s how they work: I want to spam your website so I type in You think you won’t receive my spam email because you never created an account called “webhost”. Well, if you DIDN’T have a catch-all email account, you wouldn’t get my spam, but since you do have a catch-all email account – who knows what I can dump into that bin. If someone can’t get even the first part of your email address correct, do you really want to receive that email?

Be Smart.
This small list is just a part of the actual list. The full list of useless material you pay for would at least double this one. Imagine how that affects your bill. So, as you are shopping around for your web host, first understand what you NEED and then find a trusted company that matches that. Because anything else is just flushing your money away.

Learn About Fuel Catalysts

Learn About Fuel Catalysts

What would you say if I told you there’s a product you could use that would increase your car’s horsepower, decrease its emissions, and get you better gas mileage? You’d probably be totally for it or think I was completely insane. Well, I know of a product that does all the above. Fuel catalysts are simply chemicals, usually in liquid or pill form, that you add into your gas tank. After a short time, you’ll get better gas mileage, more power, and be helping the environment. And fuel catalysts not only work in cars, vans, and SUVs; they also work in motorcycles, boats, RVs, farm equipment, generators, and pretty much anything that uses petroleum based fuels. If these products sound like something you’re interesting in, just read on.

I’ve already told you what these fuel catalysts can do, but you’re also probably wondering what they are and how they work. A catalyst in a reaction is an extra ingredient that makes the reaction go faster or more efficiently. In the case of fuel catalysts, they make the reaction of burning fuel more efficient. They don’t actually mix with your gasoline; they chemically alter in to a different substance. This new type of fuel burns better than regular gasoline, making it more efficient.

So, how does this make your vehicle run better? When your vehicle runs normally, 85% of the energy produced by the reaction is heat. This means that only 15% of the energy is actually going into running your engine. Also, there are a lot of byproducts produced that build up in your engine, making it even less efficient. When you add a fuel catalyst, the burning of gasoline or diesel becomes more efficient. This makes the engine operate at a lower temperature; meaning that less of the energy is being lost as heat and more of the energy is being used to power your car. This increases your car’s horsepower and gas mileage. Adding a catalyst also produces fewer byproducts because of the increased efficiency of the reaction, meaning less buildup in your engine and even more efficiency. A cleaner engine also means that you’ll have fewer breakdowns and need fewer tune-ups. This saves you even more money!

I also mentioned earlier that these fuel additives help reduce pollution. When a catalyst is added to a reaction, this means more of the final product in produced and byproducts are reduced. The muck in your engine is one bad byproduct, but it’s not the only one. When fuel burns more efficiently, it produces more carbon dioxide and less carbon monoxide. You may think “but isn’t carbon dioxide bad?” Well, yes, but carbon monoxide is more toxic. Plus, even though you’re getting more carbon dioxide from each gallon; you’re burning fewer gallons overall, so it’s not really bad.

I’ve given you as much information about these products as I can, but I understand you may still be skeptical. The best way to find out if these products really work is to try them yourself. What I must warn you against is trying one dose of one of these products and then saying that it doesn’t work because there was little improvement. Depending on the age of your vehicle, there may be a whole lot of gunk inside it that needs to be cleaned out. It may take using one of these products several times to see noticeable results. So, if you’re really serious about saving money on gas and repairs, or on helping the environment; then you should stick with it before you decide this isn’t working for you.

How to ‘Force’ Your Visitors to Order Immediately!

How to ‘Force’ Your Visitors to Order Immediately!

This may comes as a surprise to you but, if you’re using popups on your website (which you should), then chances are you’re using them all wrong. Almost everybody is.
Did you know, for example, that top marketers are using HIDDEN techniques that make any given popup VASTLY more effective on their sites than the VERY SAME popup would be on yours!
In fact, Stephen Pierce has actually admitted that one of these hidden popup techniques increased his profits by a whopping 50%!
Here’s how that technique works…
Let’s say Joe Bloggs has visited your site but has decided (for whatever reason) not to order just yet. He closes his browser (or clicks to another site) and then BAM!
Up jumps a window that makes Joe a special offer he just CAN’T refuse. On top of that, Joe has only got x number of minutes to make up his mind. There’s a countdown happening right before his eyes. If he doesn’t react before the time expires,he loses out on the special deal — forever.
Suddenly Joe is back on your site and placing his order.
I call these ‘Pressure Popups’ because they really put your visitors’ backs to the wall and practically force them to take you up on your offer.
For pressure popups to be completely effective they have to be ‘conditional’. In other words, they should only pop up when certain conditions are met.
You don’t, for example, want the pressure popup to show if your visitor is about to order your product. After all, the idea behind pressure popups is to pull back those visitors that were leaving your site WITHOUT ordering.
In short, if your visitor is ordering, leave him/her alone. However, if your visitor is clicking away, hit him/her with an offer that’s too good to resist (like a special discount, an extra bonus, etc.)
Make sure there’s a live countdown on your popup. Remind your visitor that, once the countdown has ended, the popup will disappear and will never be displayed again.
It’s easy to see how this kind of popup will make the visitor seriously reconsider your offer. This is particularly effective with those visitors who like your product but decided to order later (and usually never come back). This is the incentive they need to place the order instantly — and guarantees you a sale that would otherwise have been lost.
In the four months since I first added a conditional pressure popup to one of my sites, sales have increased by just over 20%. It’s a good feeling to know that every single extra ‘pressure’ sale I’ve made is one that would never have happened otherwise.
Adding conditional pressure popups to your is simply a question of placing a piece of javascript on your pages. You could go to a site like and hire a programmer to create the code. Or, you could download point and click software like Dynamic Popup Generator to make them for you.
Whichever approach you decide to use, go ahead and add these powerful popups to your website today and start putting your visitors under pressure!

A Great Blog Generates Great Leads

A Great Blog Generates Great Leads

A lot of businesses and small companies nowadays delve deeper and go into internet marketing to broaden their territories and generate more sales. they are hoping for something like a plain patch of land later discovered by the clouds and watered it, and out came the best trees and crops any man can ever imagine. They are hoping for great success and sales in the internet. But to do this properly and concisely, a lot of businesses and small companies do not know.
In this article, we will show you what to do and how to strategically make your way to internet marketing success by making your own blog as a lead generator for your business. The things you need to do to achieve this goal are explained so that soon, your blog will have converted your traffic to profits! Here are the notable things to do:
Make your blog as if it is an extension of your company’s website. A random visitor to your company’s website might be because of a blog post or comments in certain blog content. So you must keep in mind to make your blog patterned into your company’s site. Make your own blog a sub domain of your site so that visitors will not notice that they are browsing the services and products you offer in your site while browsing your blog. Making your blog a sub domain of your site also generates more lead because your visitors do not need to go to other website or be redirected, thus saving time which also means more browsing time for them.
Make your blog focused on clients. It must be made to solve and help clients as well as share what resources you have. Do not put content that talks solely about your company, how good it is and better than other businesses and stuff. It will only bring your company down eventually as others will comment what they do not like about some services, however small it is. So talk about your clients and what they care about, offer good services that are sure to be bought by customers and visitors of your site. Use relevant keywords that when people use them and be directed to your site, you are sure they land to what they are looking for.
Be consistent and post blogs regularly. Do not blog just because you neither like it nor make blog entries because you have not posted for two weeks already. Blog regularly. It doesn’t have to be every day, but you must make your blog alive. You may also hire someone to keep your blog alive and relevant. Make your community active by replying to comments, even the negative ones. This shows clients that you are interactive and can be contacted for business and information. Be part of your online community.
Link your blog posts to relevant information. Doing this would mean providing ease of information and lead your visitors to other resources. They’d thank you for that! Linking your blogs will allow readers to get more information and get to know your content more. Link them to great deals that are connected with your topic too. Clients love promos and deals as long as they are hooked into it and that they see it is a really good bargain.
Ultimately, never forget that your blog is part of your business. Your blog serves as an opportunity to connect to your future clients, return customers and new buyers. Promote your business through your blog with catchy content plus great deals. When you do this, your blog will generate leads like you never have thought of before.

The Benefits of Solar Energy

The Benefits of Solar Energy

Solar energy will benefit a lot of people and not only the rich. This is why some governments have increased funding for this type of technology because they are aware of its many benefits.

For one, solar energy is very cheap compared to other technologies. It is also renewable unlike coal or the rest which are non-renewable and hard to maintain.

It also improves the health of people since it does not produce any carbon dioxide emissions unlike kerosene lamps that give out fumes which are just as deadly as smoking 2 packs of cigarettes a day. It also reduces the incidents of fire that are often associated with the use of kerosene, candles, diesel fuel and gasoline for generators.

Solar energy is almost maintenance free because the solar cells used will last for 20 years or more before it has to be replaced. You just have to keep the panels clean so it is able to absorb sunlight and convert that into electricity.

These are also very useful in remote locations where power lines are not yet available. Some examples of these include fish houses, highway signs, marine applications, remote lighting and telecommunication.

If countries focus on solar energy and other renewable techniques, they will be able to conserve their foreign exchange because they no longer have to use it to pay for foreign oil. This money can then be used for other things such as health care, infrastructure projects and education.

Solar energy will also reduce your electricity bills because you are no longer dependent on electricity coming from the power company. The only downside to solar energy is the initial cost in setting it up.

Yes you will have to buy a lot of solar panels which are quite expensive but in the long run, you will be able to save more because you don’t have to pay for anything else to keep them running. Should the cost of solar cells be beyond your budget, you can probably invest in used systems first then try to acquire the brand new ones later on.

Another benefit of using solar energy is that you get to conserve fossil fuels and other natural resources that are quickly diminishing as a direct result of an increase in the world’s population which could compromise the needs of the future generations.

So should people get into solar energy? The answer is yes because it is safe, cheap and good for the environment. You only have to worry when the sun isn’t shining because when this happens, rays from the sun won’t be able to produce electricity so you have to rely on other means to get power. The same also goes when there is a blackout or brownout because you will soon lose power from your solar system.

The demand for solar energy is increasing and you should join in. Aside from reducing your electric bill, homeowners who use solar energy may claim up to $2,000 in federal investment tax credit in the first year while businesses may claim a 30% federal investment tax credit.

Believe it or not, solar energy has one other benefit and that it increases the value of your home. According to home appraisers, a dollar decrease in your energy bill results in a $20 increase in its property value so do the math and you can easily figure out how much your home will be worth after you decide to invest in solar energy.